Sponsor Services

Brand Building
Brand equity and building initiatives is the cornerstone for maximizing corporate opportunities in today's marketplace. Tsunami Marketing works with companies to create and develop new brans, rebuild and reposition troubled brands, and even develop secondary or associate brands.

Activating Opportunities
Impressions, quantification and eyeballs! Tsunami Marketing helps clients evaluate their needs for top-of-mind, unaided, and aided awareness. We remain current with event and media practices, so that we understand not only the principles of building and maintaining awareness, but also the creative marketing procedures necessary to find success. Our initiatives will generate top-of-mind and brand awareness, as well as market saturation.

Effective Communication
Tsunami Marketing strategically blends marketing and awareness initiatives to properly position the company , its brands and/or its products. The utilization of sound communications principles helps deliver a focused broad reaching message to your targeted demographic.

Results Quantification
Return on equity (ROE) / Return on Investment (ROI) / Return on Sponsorship (ROS), these are just not the words but the process that we live by. Tsunami Marketing manages relationships by adhering to simple principles, like trust, dependability, timeliness, and great communication. Whether our role is to complete a single task or manage entire events for clients, we are prepared to become as involved in a client's business as needed.

Tsunami Marketing provides confidential consulting to our corporate clients. We believe that the discussion and goals of corporate client small or large is private information and should be regarded with the highest manner and utmost respect.