Event Services

Sponsorship Development
Tsunami Marketing maintains a sponsorship and corporate prospect database to identify the proper candidates to match each client's needs. The competitive nature of today's marketplace is understood. Out responsibility is to help clients create sponsorship packages that effectively blend elements such as branding, event promotion, hospitality, community relations, and media impressions to present a unique and attractive program to the potential partner. Out services ran age from independent event sponsorship sales to full service event marketing and production. Return on Sponsorship (ROS), Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Investment (ROI) are all industry buzzwords. But for Tsunami Marketing they are the important guides by which we measure our successes. Tsunami Marketing does the job right; we create a positive scenario that allows both the event and sponsor to achieve their greatest potential.

Strategic Marketing
Imagine your event as a leader in promoting corporate branding. Unique and creative thinking has created great marketing campaigns designed with meeting the needs of events and sponsors to create an effective and successful strategy. At Tsunami Marketing we just don't put ideas together, we listen and determine the best possible and creative way to market and match ideas and solutions for the client.

Event Promotion
Sometimes and event organizer or company, just need a jump-start or different viewpoint on a promotional idea. While we're not re-inventing the wheel, Tsunami Marketing does believe in creating unique and different programs that allow our clients to achieve maximum results, outstanding media coverage, and most importantly, successful and quantifiable promotions.

Revenue Generation
There are many different methods that can be used to generate incremental revenue. Tsunami Marketing looks for and creates new strategies to attract sponsors and consumers to client products. In other instances, we help clients evaluate and modify their existing strategies to maximize results. Creating revenue opportunities through ideas such as: VIP & premium seating, corporate hospitality areas, ticket & gate programs, retail incentive promotions, broadcast, radio & media properties and sponsorship packaging is what we do.

Effective Communication
Effective communication is the foundation of any event or promotion. We strategically blend marketing and awareness initiatives to properly position an event, a company, its brands and/or its products. Utilizing sound communications principles help deliver a focused broad reaching message to the targeted demographic or cause. The basic need for a well-grounded business plan that integrates communication strategies with marketing and revenue-building goals is essential for success.

Consulting / Strategic Planning
Tsunami Marketing provides confidential consulting to; event promoters, volunteer organizations, sporting events, advertising and marketing firms, and individual organizers. We believe that the discussion and planning of any type of event is, neither too great nor too small for achieving the successful results.